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Automata Art by Dug North

Below is a gallery of automata I have created. Please contact me if you are interested in a Dug North Automaton. Automata make great personal gifts and art investments. Automata can act as a focal point for special places within a home, business, or organization and may serve to transform a public space into a lively, memorable, interactive experience. They can be motorized, encased and made to run when a coin is deposited in a slot. Automata in this form make for fun and profitable donation boxes.


The automata shown at
right are currently for sale.

The Unwelcome
Dinner Guest

Mekanikos vs.
The Minotaur

The Birthing Engine

An Interesting Specimen

Flying Santa

Exercising Santa

Machini: Hat Trick

Boybot & Dogbot

Valentine's Automaton

Machini: Levitation Trick

Halloween Hat Automaton

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Automata by
Dug North