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A Boybot and His Dogbot

This piece started as an experiment. I wanted to try using geometric shapes to create the characters, rather than carving them by hand.

The automaton features a robot flying a kite on a very windy day. His feet are pulled from the ground, but he holds on until the gust subsides and he is deposited to cc once again.The robot dog shows its excitement by waging his tail and opening his mouth to bark. A small bird behind the Boybot is too busy pecking at the ground to notice the rest of the scene.

The automaton depicts a whimiscal little scene that many people seem to enjoy. Perhaps the idea of a robot doing something as innocent as flying a kit captures the imagination in the right sort of way.

Stages of Development

Boybot Detail

Dogbot Detail

Mechanism Detial

Final Piece

Now in private collection

A Boybot and His Dogbot Automaton

  • 35 cm x 15 cm x 45 cm
  • Basswood, pine, assorted hardwoods, brass
  • Three matching solid cherry gears
  • Engraved brass title plaque (not shown)
  • Three moving figures

  • A Boybot and His Dogbot © 2007 Dug North

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