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Machini the Marvel performing The Transmutative Hat

The automaton depicts the early 20th Century magician know to audiences as Machini the Marvel ©. The magician is standing beside a cocktail table draped in red silk. On the table is his upturned top hat.

When the crank is rotated on the side of the automaton, the magician slowly pulls his hand out of the hat to reveal that he is holding a certain object. As the crank is rotated further, his hand decends into the hat once again. When it rises, the object has mysteriously and magically changed into a new object!

Machini performs this masterful illusion several times, transmuting the object six times, to the amazement of all! Upon request, Machini will perform a variation of this illusion in which he changes the color of liquid within a jar several times.

Now in a private collection

Machini the Marvel, The Transmutative Hat

  • Approximately 45 cm high X 20 cm wide X 15 cm deep
  • Cherry, beach, linden, brass, glass, tangua nut, velvet, and silk
  • Revolutionary mechanical design incorporating free objects
  • Custom full-color poster of the performance is mounted on the side

  • Machini the Marvel! - The Transmutative Hat, © 2005 Dug North

Initial Sketch

Mechanical Prototype

In Progress


Animated Image

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