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Machini the Marvel performing The Study of Levitations

Machini the Marvel © is back to perform his next mystifying illusion.

When the crank is rotated on the automaton the magician lifts his head and closes his eyes, deep in concentration. With a slow, careful wave of his hand, the ink in the inkwell slowly rises. Next, the leather bound book on the lecturn flies open -- entirely on its own. Finally, the pen begins to spin in its holder.

As the magician moves his arm back to its starting postion, the pen stops moving, the book closes its own cover, and the ink drops back down. His performance complete, Machini lowers his head and opens his eyes once again.

The complex works are made entirely from cherry and brass. The long sequence of action is controled by a worm and screw arrangement. There are no visible linkages to items that move on the lecturn.

Now in a private collection

The Study of Levitations Automaton

  • Approximately 55 cm high X 20 cm wide X 20 cm deep
  • Cherry, ebony, basswood, brass, glass, leather, vellum
  • Revolutionary mechanical design
  • Hinged doors to conceal the 'secret' during performance
  • Custom full-color poster of the performance is mounted on the side
  • One-of-a-kind

  • Machini the Marvel - The Study of Levitations © 2007 Dug North

Initial Sketch


Items on Lecturn



Custom Poster

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