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An Interesting Specimen

This piece features a zoologist who has been out collecting specimens. His collection jar holds a hapless beetle that he has collected and -- despite its efforts -- cannot escape.

All is not well for our zoologist, however. As it turns out, there is a greater force in the universe.

He now knows the horror of being on the other side of the collection jar. His attempts to break free and his soundless cries for help truly make him an interesting specimen.

Now in a private collection

An Interesting Specimen Automaton

  • Basswood, birch, ebony, cherry, brass, glass
  • Backdrop landscape featuring 3-D elements
  • Human-scale hand carved in-the-round
  • Sound of fists on glass make zoologist's desperation palpable
  • Little critter jumps in miniature jar for added irony
  • One-of-a-kind

  • An Interesting Specimen, 2004, by Dug North

    © 2004 Dug North

Initial Sketch

Refined Sketch

In Progress


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