The Birthing Engine Automaton

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The Birthing Engine - Concept Drawing

  - a contemporary automaton by Dug North

This is pencil drawing I did on the back of a sheet of paper. Normally, I work in an unlined Moleskin sketchbook. I use the 8.5 x 5.5 inch one. I tried the small size, which is great for your pocket, but I found my drawings were always crowded by the center of the sketchbook.

I like how this drawing looks the the ravings of a madman. Maybe it is!

It's neat to see that some of my early ideas about the mechanics ended up in the finished piece. Of course, there were far more ideas that turned out to be completely unworkable. It's funny how simple some things seem on paper, but turn into huge challenges in practices. Rarely, it works the other way too -- I'll draw an over-complex mechanism that I realize can be done in some straight-forward way in the finished sculpture.

I wonder where this sketch is? I wonder if -- as the first sketch of my first sold automaton -- it is worth money!