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Animated Wooden Models Kits

Make your own wooden automata with these easy-to-assemble kits. These kits are a great introduction to automata-making. Each kit comes with wooden components shaped and drilled. Use the easy-to-follow instructions to peg and glue the pieces together!

Flying Pig Kit

Running Horse Kit
Couple Automaton Kissing Timberkit
Couple Automaton Kit
Musician Automaton Timberkit
Musician Automaton Kit
Crocodile Automaton Timberkit
Crocodile Automaton Kit
Rower Automaton Timberkit
Rower Automaton Kit
Golfer Automaton Kit
Golfer Automaton Kit
Ocean Motion Automaton Kit
Ocean Motion Automaton Kit
Penguin Automaton Kit
Penguin Automaton Kit
Drummer Automaton Timberkit
Drummer Automaton Kit
Guitarist Automaton Timberkit
Guitarist Automaton Kit
Motor and Paint KitTimberkit
Automaton Motor/Paint Kit
Pianist Automaton Kit
Pianist Automaton Kit
T-Rex Automaton Timberkit
T-Rex Automaton Kit
Dragon Automaton Timberkit
Dragon Automaton Kit

Paper Animation Kits

Paper automata kits are an inexpensive an easy way to learn about automata and basic mechanisms. These kits require a hobby knife, scissors, some white glue, and a bit of time.

Here are some books that each provide several complete paper automaton projects:

Here are individual paper automaton projects you can order online:

Metal Engine Kits

These high-end kits allow you to create working model engines. These are beautifully made kits employing a Stirling steam engine to power them. Of the highest quality, these presion engineered kits will last for generations.

Classic Steam Engine Locomobile

Flame Gulper Engine

Hero's Steam Turbine

External Combustion Kraftwagen

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