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Automaton Links

The Automata / Automaton Blog - My blog about all things related to automata

The Automaton Store - An Amazon aStore featuring automaton-related books, kits, toys, and tools
Nemo Gould - Kinetic sculpture from found materials

Morris Museum - Featuring the Guinness Collection of mechanical musical instruments & automata

Wood That Works - Wooden kinetic wall sculptures by David C. Roy

Antique Toys and Automata - Vintage and antique toys and automatons for sale - A tribute to the talented European watchmakers and technicians

Two Odd Volumes on Magic & Automata - A site featuring a delightful little book on magic and automata

Brian Law’s Woodenclocks - Free plans to help you build a wooden clock

Steve DeSpirito - The lovely hanging mobile artwork of Steve DeSpirito

Keith Newstead Automata - One of othe most gifted contemporary automaton-makers of our time

Anatoly ZAYA-RUZO - Creator of historical automata with clever new features

Steve Garrison - Diverse woodworking site with some GREAT wooden gears

Arthur Ganson - The inimitable wit and ingenuity of Arthur Ganson's kinetic sculpture

Jim Jenkins - Part sculptor, part engineer, and part choreographer, the kinetic artworks of Jim Jenkins

Brad Litwin - The work of polymath Brad Litwin, including hand-cranked kinetic sculptures

The Clockwork Universe - Incredible restoration and fabrication of automata by Kevin Wright

Anthony Lent - Internationally-recognized master jeweler and automata maker

Dale Mathis - Where working gears bring movement to masterpieces

Kristine Suhr - Creator of amazing wall-mounted mechanical paintings and pop-up art

Musée Mécanique - The Zelinsky Collection of mechanical amusements in San Francisco

Gina Kamentsky - Clever wind-up, wall-mounted, and large kinetic sculptures

ROBOT FACTORY - Serge JUPIN's retro-future steampunk wind-up robots

nizo - Wonderful handmade automata from Japanese artists Kazu Harada and Meg

Flying Pig - Paper automaton kits and good info on mechanisms

Mechanical Kits - Excellent automaton kits in musical, engineering, medieval, nautical, and animal themes

AutomatomaniA - specializing in the conservative restoration of antique automata and singing birds

Cool4Cats - Amazing paper models to build a whole world of improbable automata!

PaperPino - Where the principles of mechanics meet the artistic creativity using paper

Pablo Lavezzari - A talented and innovative automaton-maker from Argentina.

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre - The modern progenitors of contemporary automata. This is the place to start.

The Mechanical Blog - Cabaret Mechanical Theatre's news blog

Fourteen Balls Toy - The incomparable work of Paul Spooner and Matt Smith

Tom Haney - Maker of hand-crafted automata and other works of modern folk art

Archer's Arcadia - David Archer's original kinetic sculptures and contemporary interactive automata

Carlos Zapata - Wood and Metal Mechanical Sculptures - A comprehensive directory of automaton links - A site about designing and making your own automata

SPECTRON INSTRUMENTS - A collection of Australia-inspired automata by artist Michael Molesworth

Barking Dogs Automata - Dan Torpey's gallery of whimsical, movable creations

Sidestreet Bannerworks - View a gallery of automata made by Marc Horovitz

Chomick & Meder - Figurative Art and Automata. Amazing site, amazing work!

Robots of the Victorian Era - The web resource for robots of the 19th century, featuring Boilerplate!

Oak Run Studios - Kinetic sculptures by artist Arthur Higgins

CeraCera - Fun and fascinating moving paper model and automaton kits

Steve Stackpole - Mechanics and figurative elements that capture people's attention and imagination

AUTOMATES PASSION - Creators of automata and amazing objects

Walter Ruffler - Automata made out of Paper - Wonderful!

World Upside Down - Mechanical cards and paper automata: some naughty, some nice.

KINETIC-ART.ORG - The largest kinetic art and sculpture organization in the world

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