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Everything Else by Dug North

This is the section of that covers everything I've made that isn't an automaton.


This section features some of my illustrations--some digital, some done in more traditional media.

Check out some of my illustrations.


The following collection was done before I discovered Adobe PhotoShop c. 1997. The color pieces are made up of cut-outs taken from magazines and glued into new arrangements.

Check out some of my photo-collage images.

Robotic Art

This section features some of my machinae vivisimiles or "lifelike machines". These consist mostly of solar powered robots based on hardwired behavior and novel mechanical designs.

Check out some of my Robots.

Miscellaneous Creations

This section includes a few random things I've made, music, photos, and signs. This section needs to be updated badly.

Check out some of my random creations.

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