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I've have the funny notion that I haven't accomplished anything unless I can point to a physical object at the end of the day and say "I made that!" Strangely, I don't expect this of other people. .
Random Things I've Made
My interests are fairly diverse. In addition to studying Shotokan karate, in the past year I have taught myself how to pick locks using picks I made from street sweeper bristles. I designed an improved finger nail trimmer for people with limited use of their hands. I'm a founding member of The Mothra Invention Club; we made a huge human powered water wheel.
Lock picks made from street sweeper bristles Initial Sketch for Improved Nail Trimmer
Prototype Nail Trimmer 1 &  2 The Rolling-O (Mothra Invention Club)
The Chainsaws of Babylon
I was blessed to play guitar in a band called The Chainsaws of Babylon. The Vermont Band Guide classifies us as Pre-Grunge Rock Pop. I guess that's as good as any three words and a prefix can get in describing our music.
Buy our album and support our benefactor, Paul Doyle
Little did we know that we were among a long list of people to immortalize Evel Knievel in song!
Photos of Dug North
I don't think I can explain this section other than to say that I end up in some strange photos. I'm a caricature of myself.
The Mysterious Dr. Unk Dr. Unk with the whole team
WebMaster of the Universe Karate
Bowlered Boxer My audition video for Fear Factor (requires RealPlayer)
MulletMan MulletMan 2
Sign Fabrication
I worked for about two years as a sign-maker. I gained experience with a wide range of tools, techniques, and material types. Among my skills: woodworking, MIG welding, painting, computer layout and design.
Galileo's at the Museum of Science Jake's Cafe at the Newark Airport Richmond News at the Richmond Airport
The Pants band sign Roasters on Newbury Street The Starlite Deli at the Museum of Science

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