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This section features some of my solar powered BEAM robots based on hardwired behavior and novel mechanical designs.

If you want to make robots like these, you can! I recommend you buy one or both of these books:

JunkBots, Bugbots, and Bots on Wheels: Building Simple Robots With BEAM Technology

and / or

Make, Volume 6: Technology on Your Time (Make: Technology on Your Time)

Name: Buzz
Motive Power: Two pager motors
Behavior: Seeks bright areas and avoids objects
Sensors: Tactile antennae
Circuit: Dual 1381-based solar engines (i.e. Solarbotics Photopopper)
Comments: Very active because of dual solar panels. Free formed construction.
Name: Creepy
Motive Power: One cell phone vibrator motor
Behavior: Jitters about when you least expect it
Circuit: The Classic 1381-based solar engine
Comments: People love the creepy appearance and the buzzing noise it makes. A great desk-top companion!

Creepy is featured in Robot (DK Eyewitness Books) in the section covering 'Robots in Art'.

Name: Tribot
Motive Power: One microcassette recorder motor
Behavior: Negotiates around obstacles by circumnaviation
Circuit: The Classic 1381-based solar engine
Comments: Robust design. Works well in low light.
Name: Ambler
Motive Power: One pager motors with gearbox, cams, and linkages
Behavior: Reverses direction when it hits an object squarely
Sensors: Front and rear bump sensors
Circuit: Miller Solar Engine
Comments: Legs make moving in more rugged environment possible.
Name: Spinner
Motive Power: Two pager motors and wheels
Behavior: Seeks bright areas, spins around obstacles
Sensors: Tactile antennae
Circuit: Dual FLED-based solar engines with a balancing potentiometer
Comments: Ugly, but we love him anyway!

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